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Reports and Related Documents (BFR)

Annual Commission Reports

Related Documents

Transportation Performance Measures Written Procedures (Agreement)

Illinois Horizontal Capital Budget Report

BFR Transparency Report 12.28.15

BFR Transparency Subcommittee Report Letter 12.28.15

BFR At A Glance

BFR Implementation - January 2013

Chief Results Officer Briefing – 12/14/2012

Budgeting for Results Commission Report Nov 2012 Appendix

Report of the State Budget Crisis Task Force

BFR 2011 Recommendations Update

BFR Potential Recommendations for 2012 Report

BFR 2012 Report Timeline

Proposed Recommendations from the Human Services Commission

BFR 2012 Report Potential Sources for Recommendations

BFR Strategic Plan - September 2012

BFR Strategy Maps

BFR Strategy Mapping Process Overview

BFR 2012 Public Hearing Notice and Agenda

2012 BFR Glossary

Breakdown of Total GRF Payables by Age and Entity

FY2011 COGFA Pensions Presentation

Strategic Plan

Pension Presentation - 1/27/2012

Implementation Presentation

Compiled Recommendations

Funding Priorities, Improving Outcomes

2012 Three Year Budget Projection, FY13-FY15

2012 Economic and Fiscal Policy Report

Cause-Effect Maps From Iowa

HFS Five Year Medical Assistance Budget Outlook - FY12-FY17

Budgeting for Results Workgroup Resolution

Medicaid Stabilization – Fact Sheet

Comptroller's 4th Quarter Report - January 2012

COGFA Report on Financial Condition of IL State Retirement Systems

COGFA Report on Appropriateness of 90% Funding Target

FY13 Budget Presentation

FY13 Budget Overview - March 2012

Iowa Safe Communities Example

Public Pension Stabilization Plan

GOMB FY12 Budget Request for Information 10-03-11

Results First - Pew Center (part 2)

Results First - Pew Center (part 1)

Accounts Payable Breakdown (DRAFT)

Medicaid Articles

State Outcomes and Sub-Goals - BFR draft

State Outcomes and Sub-Goals - BFR Draft

Small Mandates for BFR Review (DRAFT)

State Outcomes and Sub-Goals - BFR draft 9-22-11

FY2012 Economic Forecast and Revenue Estimate FY2011 Revenue Review

IDHS Performance-Based Contracting Implementation Plan

Budget Primer

Kotowski Presentation

Full List of Mandates

Logic Model and SMART

Kamis Presentation

Table Track by BFO - FY07-FY12

Illinois Department of Human Services Presentation